You have to carefully choose the agent that will assist you in your property purchase.  And their scope of work should not end on the time you signed the documents and issued the required checks.  It has to be until you moved in you unit already.  To be safe and sure, you better check if the person you are dealing with is a licensed broker or an accredited salesman.

Why do you need to do this?  It is because some agents are selling in their partime capacity and when they are tired of doing so, transfers to another job and leaves you with all your documentations undone.  Pretty neat considering that they got their commissions already.

How to check if the person you are dealing with is a licensed broker or salesman?

For Brokers, check if their license is unexpired, also ask what organization they are connected with.  All Brokers in the Philippines are required to join a group of Realtors, they may be Pareb or Rebap.   If they say that they are a member, check online for the Association Website and see if their names are included in the roster of members, if not, you may also call their offices to verify, some websites are not updated so calling them would be much better.

For Salesman, they have to have a license with HLURB or PRC, check if they have any and also ask this:  How many years have you been selling Real Estate?  You may also google their full names to see their reputation online

So there, you have the tools at your disposal, have the freedom to use them responsibly to protect your future investment.

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