Buying a condo is never too simple these days.  Considering that there are a lot of developments out there spending millions of pesos to advertisements just to get your attention.    You have to be very careful in choosing the best investment for you.  Remember, it is you or your tenants who will live here so you better check if the development floods during rains or not.


Ways to check for Flood Problems:

  1. Ask the Neighbouring Community

Go around the houses that are near your prospect condo and ask if it floods there during rains or if its high tide.  You can also check evidences of this if the houses around are elevated or the doorways have a barrier to keep water from coming in.  If you see this, chances are, it floods there during wet seasons so beware!


  1. Check online for Flooding

Let say you would like to buy a condo in FortBonifacio located at 5th street and you see no houses around, try going online and do this:


Go to Google or Yahoo and type this : 5th street at Fort Bonifacio Floods or Flooding




Go to Youtube and type the same.


If you see articles or videos of flood in the area, then you have a more powerful evidence and reason for you to think otherwise of that area, remember, seeing I believing!


Note : Remember the last Ondoy Typhoon where areas that did not flood in the past were soaked in rainwater?  It is because the amount of rain was so enormous that it overwhelmed the drainages at that time.  If the area you are scouting were affected by Ondoy but not the Past Typhoon, chances are, that location is not too bad after all.  You be the judge.

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