These establishments and infrastructure if near a condo will increase its likeness to be rented out easily and can command a higher rental rate.

    1. Schools and Universities
    2. Business Districts
    3. Supermarkets and Groceries
    4. Malls
    5. Parks and RecreationCenters
    6. Food and Entertainment Strips
    7. Police and Fire Stations
    8. Main Road or Highway
    9. Rail Station
    10. FX Stations

Proximity to Schools, Universities and Business Districts should be taken into consideration as the students and working professionals are your main market.  They will most likely look for a unit that is walking distance to their place or has a short commute time.

You should also consider the number of units or buildings which also rents out units in the area.  These could be your future competitors.  Your unit should be much more better in terms of size and design (if it’s furnished) so that the renters would choose your unit than the others.

Check also the going rates of rent in the area, the higher the rates, the faster the return of investment.

If most of the items above are present in the condo you are planning to buy, then it is a great investment!

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