No Pets in Condo, why not?

Pets are not really allowed in condominiums.  Even the small pets are prohibited to be domesticated in these places.  Some prospective condo buyers shy away from buying this type of development because they don’t want to part with their long time buddies.  But not all condos are that strict, some allow small dogs to be brought in and walked around the open areas provided that they don’t create too much noise that will disturb the other occupants.  In case they poop, the owners should clean it right away.  Others allow fish or other “Silent” and “Small” pets.

Come to think of it, this prohibition seems to originate from the Golden Rule:  “ Don’t do unto others what you don’t want to be done unto you “

But some unit owners abuse the lack of strictness of guards and condo administrators, they even walk their dogs to some areas in the condo and have them urinate there.  This is really damaging to the image of the condo since if their common areas are frequently dirty, the cost of the units greatly depreciates and this hurts your once perfect investment.

So when the condo admin says some rules about pets, this really should be taken into consideration.

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