The Most Expensive Condo in Makati City

Have you asked this question already?  Well actually there is a property being developed by Kingdom Hotel Investments.  Its name is Raffles Residences Makati.  Located in Makati Avenue, this 30 storey tower is composed of 30 hotel rooms and 236 residential units.  Its low density, high exclusivity units make it to “The most expensive condo on a per sqm basis in Makati”.  Imagine having a handful of condo owners occupying large units in a condo, now that’s luxury!

How expensive are the units here?  A 1 bedroom unit at 82 sqm will cost you around 17,000,000.00!  Yes, I got all the zeroes right.  Your wallet should be deep enough to accommodate this.  This 207,000 per square meter unit surely leaves all the other condominiums behind in terms of exclusivity and price tag.  People like tycoons and politicians would surely grab one just for the price and the fame.  You know, some rich people are actually looking for expensive buys, the more higher the price tab, the more prestige it gives to them.

Unit sizes vary from 1 bedroom (71 to 82 sqm), 2 bedrooms (124 to 164 sqm), 3 bedrooms (209 to 251 sqm) and the huge 4 bedrooms Penthouse Units with sizes up to 383 to 402 sqm!  Whoa!   This is as big as big houses in Valle Verde!


  • Luxury Fairmont Willow Stream Spa
  • FitnessCenter
  • Private Pool
  • On-Site Japanese Restaurant & Dining Room
  • The Long Bar, featuring live jazz
  • Lobby Lounge, elegantly casually
  • Private Owners Lounge
  • 24-Hour Concierge
  • On-Site Property Management
  • Designer boutiques and shops

The Long Bar is a famous attraction of Raffles Hotel in the world.  You will really feel that you live on a hotel.  Or a palace maybe.

Raffles…  Having this as your address means a lot.  You will instantly have bragging rights to your friends telling them that you live there and inserting that word into almost all of your conversations is a plus!  Other than that, the Raffles Resorts Brand is awarded by Condé Nast Traveler’s “World’s Best Places To Stay” and Travel + Leisure’s “World’s Best Awards.  It will really keep you waiting anxiously for people to ask you: where do you stay?

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