What if the developer turns over an entirely different looking unit as compared to the ones in brochures?

Developers should be very careful and try to turnover a unit similar to ones in the presentation brochures and slides.  The buyers main reason of purchasing a property comes from the look and presentation of it.

Imagine buying an elegant condo with glass walls from the exterior as you saw it in the brochures but when you saw taking shape, looks like a skyscraper with plain brown concrete walls.  Ouch!

Or being promised with 50% open space with numerous amenities but when you move in, your neighbor in the other building is a meter away and you hear their tv sets tuned in to their favorite soap opera!  The pool that is supposed to be your reason in buying a condo is not even working. Whoah!

There’s a law that protects buyers from these unscrupulous developers who prey on their innocence.

It’s Subdivision and Condominium Buyers Protective Decree or better known as PD 957.  Here’s an excerpt of this law:

“Sec. 19. Advertisements. – Advertisements that may be made by the owner or developer through newspaper, radio, television, leaflets, circulars or any other form about the subdivision or the condominium or its operations or activities must reflect the real facts and must be presented in such manner that will not tend to mislead or deceive the public.

The owner or developer shall answerable and liable for the facilities, improvements, infrastructures or other forms of development represented or promised in brochures, advertisements and other sales propaganda disseminated by the owner or developer or his agents and the same shall form part of the sales warranties enforceable against said owner or developer, jointly and severally. Failure to comply with these warranties shall also be punishable in accordance with the penalties provided for in this Decree.”

So when you see an attractive brochure from a new developer, be careful, research online and check about their reputation.  So as the saying goes, BE INFORMED, BE VERY INFORMED!

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