What is price per square meter?

Price per square meter is one of the barometers used by condo buyers to compare different projects in one area to determine their affordability and value for money.  Its really hard to determine what condo you will buy because there’s a lot of them in the market today.  Advertisements are all over, you will see them in newspapers, billboards and even on the internet.

Price per sqm is how much a condo will cost per square meter. The lowest it is, the much bigger area can be purchased at a given price.  So its wise to check this out and compare it with some of your options in the area.

One way of obtaining this is to divide the total contract price of your condo by its square meter.


A 30 sqm condo costs 900,000.

So 900,000 divide by 30 sqm =  30,000 per sqm

A condo amounting to Php 30,000 per square meter is much cheaper than another project in a nearby area that costs Php 60,000 per square meter.  Plus you can get a bigger space for your budget.  This one is important.  Especially when you are looking for a bigger place to move

But we understand that each condo has a different list of amenities, accesibility and whole project plan so we suggest that you should also look into this. But nonetheless, the initial guide in purchasing a condo must be THE PRICE PER SQUARE METER.

There is a guide for Philippine Condos regarding its price per square meter.  Its a pioneering website created by Condo Hunter Philippines.

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